Worcester Consolidated Car Barn - I went on weaving alone...


The Worcester Consolidated Car Barn, located at 99-109 Main Street, was built in 1903 from plans prepared by the firm of Frost, Briggs, & Chamberlain.

A survey by the U.S. Department of the Interior in the 1980's reported that the building was "In good condition, to be demolished." Replaced originally by a hotel, which ultimately failed, the building on this site is now occupied by the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Services

(1) Historic American Buildings Survey, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC

Sent to: Mrs. Fred Schraft
Address: Norwich, New York
I received your letter yesterday I wrote you a letter the other day didn't your get We haven't got any work today untill Tuesday because they are doing some repairing to the mill I wrote and told you I went to work Monday I went on weaving alone Wednesday it did not take me long to learn. I do not know just how long I will stay I will write later. ~Rosa


Postmark: 08/31/1912 - Worcester, MA

Postmark: 08/31/1912 - Worcester, MA


  • In 1912, the city of Worcester had hundreds of operating mills of all types. Rosa's comment that ". . . it did not take me long to learn." suggests that she was recently arrived in Worcester. Where exactly did she work and what product was she weaving?


Rosa Schraft was born March 10, 1890, to Fred Shraft and Christana (Dues) Schraft, in Norwich Chen, New York. At the time this postcard was sent, she would have been 22 years old. She was married the following year on November 1, 1913 and died in 1976. She is buried at  Mount Hope Cemetery, Norwich, Chenango County, New York, USA.